How to Encourage Waxeyes to Your Garden?

Answer Waxeyes are lovely small birds that brighten up the garden space. If you'd like them to visit the garden more often, here are some suggestions.

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How to Encourage Earthworms Into Your Garden?

Earthworms are vital for good soil; they move through it aerating as the go by making holes for their travels. Earthworms process organic matter in their bodies and return good things to the soil, ... Read More »

How to Encourage Hedgehogs to Your Garden?

Hedgehogs are garden helpers in their native environment; they chomp up slugs and snails and remove them from the garden. If you'd like more hedgehogs visiting your garden, here are some things to ... Read More »

How can I encourage earthworms to move into my garden?

Start a compost bin. Earthworms love it. There are somecommerical kits available that will help you grow earthwormsin your own home/garage/basement using compost.If you start a compost bin outside,... Read More »

My neighbour whos garden is higher than mine,leaves his garden hose on, and it floods my garden, help me pleas?

have you discussed this with him. he may not know and surely wouldnt like it if it happned to him..