How to Encourage Hornets to Re-Nest?

Answer Hornets serve as an important part of nature, as they prey on other flying pests and help pollinate plants. If hornets are not in close proximity to your home and don't pose a threat, you should le... Read More »

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If you found a hornets nest would you try to take care of yourself or hire a professional?

I've killed them myself. First I sprayed heavily with bug spray then as they dropped to the ground, I killed them. I got bit by one that had nested in my clothes line pipe, I was re wiring the ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hornets?

Hornets, as well as wasps and yellow jackets, can be a nuisance or worse if they build a nest in your home. If you are careful, you can get rid of them yourself, without need of a professional exte... Read More »

How to Trap Hornets?

Hornets are an aggressive species of stinging insect that can sting repeatedly when provoked. The problem is that it is easy to provoke a hornet or group of hornets. They are social insects that l... Read More »

How to Kill Mud Hornets?

Mud hornets, also known as mud daubers, mud wasps or dirt wasps, can be identified by the mud nests they make. Although many people consider them a dangerous pest, they can be helpful to have aroun... Read More »