How to Encode MOV for the iPhone?

Answer The MOV video file format is supported by the iPhone, but it is larger and less convenient that the MP4 and M4V formats, also supported on the iPhone. There are a number of simple and efficient pro... Read More »

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How to Encode Web Pages?

Encoding your own website takes some pre-planning but it is an ultimately rewarding and achievable task. Before you start, plan out the architecture and content of the site--what pages you will hav... Read More »

How do I encode MS Word?

Save as Plain TextOpen Microsoft Word 2007, and click the “Microsoft Office Button.” By default, Word saves your files as Unicode encoding, which supports characters in many languages, accordin... Read More »

How to Encode VNC and Hextile?

The VNC Viewer provides a simple, portable client application designed to interface to a remote computer running the VNC Server application. In order to accommodate a variety of network conditions... Read More »

How to Encode and Decode ROT13?

ROT13 Lookup TableDecoding and encoding ROT13 is done by replacing each letter with a letter 13 characters further. Here's how to do it. In the following example, we'll use the words HELLO WORLD.