How to Enable the HTTP Port in Windows Server 2000?

Answer HTTP is a protocol used on the Internet which enables web browsers to translate code and present web page information to readers. The HTTP protocol commonly uses port 80, which is the HTTP port for... Read More »

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How do I enable DHCP on Windows 2000 Server?

Log in to your Windows 2000 server with the administrator's username and password. Click the "Start" icon. Select "Programs," followed by "Administrative Tools" and "DHCP." Right-click the server n... Read More »

How to Enable Remote Access Windows 2000 Server?

The Windows 2000 operating system has a remote access application called "Terminal Services." The Terminal Services application was renamed with Windows XP to "Remote Desktop." Enabling remote acce... Read More »

How do I change the printer port in a Windows 2000 server?

Navigate to the "Printers" menu by clicking "Start," "Settings" and "Printers." Right-click the printer that you are changing the port for, and choose "Properties" at the bottom of the list. Select... Read More »

How to Enable a Telnet Server on Windows XP?

Telnet is a type of connection tool that you can make with another computer to allow remote control of your system. If you want to connect via Telnet then you need to make sure that the Telnet serv... Read More »