How to Enable a Bluetooth Mini?

Answer In the interest of safety and convenience, some Mini Coopers are equipped with Bluetooth capability for operating your mobile phone. Calls can be made or accepted at the push of a button or, if you... Read More »

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What is Bluetooth, what does it enable you to do?

Bluetooth in theory is very simple a means for transmiting information without wires

How to Enable My Bluetooth?

If you have Bluetooth-enabled device, at some point you will likely want to use it to transfer files to your computer or a laptop. Enabling Bluetooth on your device is simple, and takes less than t... Read More »

How to Enable Bluetooth on a PC?

Bluetooth technology allows a variety of electronic devices to connect and communicate wirelessly. The most common use of Bluetooth technology is for connecting cellular phones and wireless headset... Read More »

How do I enable Bluetooth on my PC?

Right-click on the Bluetooth icon on your computer's toolbar and select "Enable Bluetooth" from the options that appear. If Bluetooth is already enabled but you need to connect Bluetooth devices to... Read More »