How to Enable MMS Messaging for iPhone?

Answer Ever wanted to send a text message from your iPhone with a photo in it? Or maybe a video? If you want to send and receive text messages with multimedia in them, then you'll need to enable mms (mult... Read More »

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I don't like texts poping up in the middle of the screen of my iPhone when I receive a text. Is there an app for the iPhone 4 that will make the messaging less in your face?

How to Disable Messaging on an iPhone?

With a text, it's easy to give directions or tell someone to call you, without wasting minutes on your phone plan. However, depending on your plan, each text sent to your iPhone will cost you. If y... Read More »

IPhone text messaging?

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How do i get picture messaging on an iPhone?

MMS (picture, sound and video messaging) is currently (March 2008) unsupported on the iPhone, although the capability is there and could (in theory) be introduced in a later software upgrade.