How to Enable Flash on Alert in Ios 5?

Answer A number of new accessibility features have been included in iOS 5, the latest operating system release for Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The majority of these are assistive features that provi... Read More »

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How do I enable JavaScript& Flash?

The NeedWhen you open a website with video, or animation of some sort, and the video or animation does not display, the problem is usually caused by Javascript not being enabled, and/or the latest ... Read More »

How to Enable Flash & Java on a Samsung?

Samsung makes a line of standard laptop computers that ship running either the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. Which operating system you get on your Samsung laptop will depend on whe... Read More »

SCAM ALERT: What's the best way to alert people about this scammer?

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THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT...I REPEAT....THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT....Where on my computer is the multiplication sign?

multiply = * above the 9 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.division = / above the 8 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.your not an idiot if you don't know these things you don't know them.... Read More »