How to Enable Aero Glass on nVidia Geforce Fx Go5200 in Windows 7 and Vista?

Answer Do you have a new laptop or computer and got frustrated because the nVidia video card didn't support aero glass? Well, here's a way to enable aero on a non supported nVidia Video Card!

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Is the NVidia GeForce 8800 GT Vista 64 compatible?

The NVidia GeForce 8800 GT graphics card features 3D graphics enhanced with HD capable imaging. Unfortunately, the drivers for Windows Vista 64 are still in the beta stage as of July 2010 and do n... Read More »

Will the evga nvidia Geforce 550 ti Work with windows 8?

Okay, 1) ALL GPU's are compatible with any windows, just download drivers on nvidia website2) The GPU has to be compatible with the MOTHERBOARD, the processor doesn't matter. You need a motherboard... Read More »

How can i get aero glass on windows 7 starter?

It's not available on that edition. There are tools on the Internet to activate it but I'll let you Google that yourself.

How to Turn on Aero in Windows Vista?

Windows Vista AeroWindows Vista Aero is the new graphical interface for the Windows Vista system (previously Luna in Windows XP). Turning it on is a cinch, with these steps...