How to Emergency Dismount from a Horse?

Answer An emergency dismount is when you get off of a moving horse. It is one of the most basic safety movements and everyone who rides should be able to do it. It is also sometimes called "bailing out". ... Read More »

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How to Dismount a Horse?

If getting up was hard, well this is a piece of cake! It's very easy when you know how! And you get down how?

How to Mount and Dismount a Horse Properly?

You've got the horse. You've got the "Know How." All you need now is to be able to get on and off!

How to Perform an Emergency Stop on a Horse?

Does your horse ever start to go at a speed you are not comfortable with, or do something you don't want it to? In these cases, you could get hurt, and that wouldn't be good. So, to leave harm's wa... Read More »

How to Dismount from a Bicycle?

Image:836445_sunset_bike_464.jpgRiding and dismounting from a bicycle leaves you peacefully unharmed.There are several ways you can dismount from a bicycle safely. Below are a couple of recommended... Read More »