How to Embrace the Darker Side of Life?

Answer We all are Lost inside.If you look around in today`s society, you`ll be sure to find the majority of people to be offspring of the Sun. What they don`t know, is that the Sun they so love is a ravin... Read More »

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How to Embrace and Get to Love Your Darker Side?

So, is life getting you down? You don't really fit in? You wish people would leave you alone? Here's how...

Do you usually adapt easily to life changes Do you avoid change, or embrace it?

normally i adapt but that doesn't mean i like change. i never know what to expect. i really hate change when things are going well.

If a front tooth was damaged 4 years ago and is slightly darker now should a root canal be performed to keep it from getting darker?

Answer Trauma to the front teeth will often cause a tooth to die and subsequent discoloration. A root canal is needed to prevent or stop the infection process. To address the color, root canal trea... Read More »

My Nikon d5100 takes darker pics outside and even at home it's darker than what it really is.?

If you haven't read & studied the Owner's Manual for your camera now is the time to do it. Then watch this:… Who better than Nikon to teach you to effect... Read More »