How to Embolden, Italicize, and Underline Email Text with iOS 5?

Answer iOS 5 for Apple mobile devices includes many improvements in the Mail app including the ability to add rich text formatting to emails such as bold, italics, and underlines. This article will walk y... Read More »

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Do i underline or italicize a title in APA format?

According to the APA Style Manual, you should always use italics for titles, unless you are using an old typewriter or word processing program that does not have the italics function.Source:Editing... Read More »

How do you text to an email address?

First things first, find the telephone number of the mobile phone you wish to call in New Zealand. It should start with 02, followed by between 7 and 9 digits, depending on the carrier. For the exa... Read More »

How to Use Email to Send Text?

Just because you don't have a cell phone doesn't mean you can't send a text message. Using your email address you can send text messages to any person as long as you know the cell phone number and ... Read More »

How to Send an Email to Text on AT&T?

AT&T, like many other cellphone service providers, offers a method to contact any of their phones anytime via email. These email messages are delivered to the phone as normal text messages, listed ... Read More »