How to Embed iCal Into HTML?

Answer If you want to display your Mac's iCal calendar on your website, you must embed it in HTML. This requires having it hosted online so the HTML code has somewhere to link to. Apple's iCal software ma... Read More »

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How to Embed HTML on Facebook?

Although Facebook pages have a uniform look and layout, it's possible to embed custom HTML code into your Facebook page for a customized feel. On Facebook, the Static FBML app is Facebook's officia... Read More »

How Do I Embed a SWF File in HTML?

After you create a Flash game or element, you need to export the file before you can upload it to a website. Once you export the file, it becomes a SWF file. The SWF file must be embedded into your... Read More »

How to Embed a VLC Player in HTML?

Streaming audio clips and videos make websites more interactive and interesting. If you have a website and want to post informative or fun videos or sound clips, there are many solutions for embedd... Read More »

How to Embed Silverlight in HTML?

Silverlight is a new development platform from Microsoft for creating rich media applications for the Web and desktop and mobile operating systems. As a free platform, it works on the .NET framewor... Read More »