How to Embed an iFrame Using JavaScript?

Answer JavaScript lets you write any new HTML tags to a website document after the pages load in the reader's browser. You use the "write" function to insert a new iframe into a Web page. An iframe is an ... Read More »

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How to Embed Multiple Videos With iFrame?

An iframe is a frame or box that you can insert on your Web page that allows you to display content from other websites or other pages of your own website by embedding that page within your HTML pa... Read More »

How to Call a Function in an Iframe in JavaScript?

Iframes, like pop-ups, are child windows of a Web page's main window. They allow you to display content from another Web page inside your main page. Iframes only require a few lines of code to crea... Read More »

Need a html or javascript or iframe code for following?

Doing this by JavaScript is VERY easy.Take a look at this link: a number between 1 and 3 and hit the button and the corresponding image will be displayed.

How to embed javascript box into a wikipedia page in an easy way?

You can't embed a JavaScript "box" into Wikipedia pages because the WikiScript extension is not installed at Wikipedia, for the obvious reason that it would be a huge security hole if anyone could ... Read More »