How to Embed SSL?

Answer Installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and embedding it into your website's login system and authentication layer is a relatively easy procedure once you've secured the SSL certificate itself. Dep... Read More »

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How to Embed a SWF Path?

Flash content is served from ".swf" files that must be embedded into the HTML code sent to a browser. The embed code requires the path to the SWF file on the server. Without this information, the b... Read More »

How to Embed Fonts in a PDF?

The Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) is often used to transfer files and is an ideal way to retain the look and feel of most documents. The Reader can be downloaded for free, so another... Read More »

How to Embed Fonts?

Webmasters, website builders, advertising artists, and marketing developers, know that type font, pitch, and size can all have creative impact. You, too, can learn to enhance your visual work by be... Read More »

How to Embed RealPlayer 11.0?

Embed RealPlayer 11.0 on a website to allow videos to appear as part of the content. To embed this player on a site, determine the correct HTML code to enter. When the codes are placed within the H... Read More »