How to Embed HTML in Evernote?

Answer Evernote is a note-taking program for Windows or Mac computers. It runs off text, so adding HTML to a document is as easy as typing it. If you save it normally, however, it will just save the HTML ... Read More »

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How to Edit the HTML of Evernote Notes on a Mac?

If you're using Evernote but need more powerful formatting (for example, you cannot do superscripts and subscripts for chemistry class notes) there is a way around this.Evernote notes are stored as... Read More »

How Do I Embed a SWF File in HTML?

After you create a Flash game or element, you need to export the file before you can upload it to a website. Once you export the file, it becomes a SWF file. The SWF file must be embedded into your... Read More »

How to Embed Silverlight in HTML?

Silverlight is a new development platform from Microsoft for creating rich media applications for the Web and desktop and mobile operating systems. As a free platform, it works on the .NET framewor... Read More »

How to Embed a VLC Player in HTML?

Streaming audio clips and videos make websites more interactive and interesting. If you have a website and want to post informative or fun videos or sound clips, there are many solutions for embedd... Read More »