How to Email to a Mailing List?

Answer An online mailing list is a community of people who interact through email messages on the Internet. A mailing list is usually focused on one main topic and the people who join the mailing list are... Read More »

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How do I make my mailing list invisible in my email?

BCCMake your email mailing list invisible by employing the BCC, or blind carbon copy, feature. Adding recipients or mailing lists via BCC is quite similar across most email clients and Web mail pro... Read More »

How to Create an Email Distribution Mailing List in Excel?

Email distribution lists send multiple copies of the same email to many recipients. Bulk emailing in this fashion has many applications and is frequently used by businesses when reaching out to the... Read More »

To add an email name and address to a mailing list a user unsubscribes from it?

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How do I create a mailing list with multiple email addresses in Entourage?

Entourage 2008 Distribution ListsOpen the "Contacts" folder, and select the "New" drop-down menu; highlight and select "Group" to create a new group. In the "Group Name" box type a name for your ne... Read More »