How to Email a Money Transfer in the USA?

Answer There are many ways of transferring money within the United States, such as bank drafts, bank wire transfers, postal money orders and traditional money transferring companies such as MoneyGram and ... Read More »

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How long does an email money transfer take?

According to the Royal Bank of Canada, email money transfers are processed right away, and the money is immediately drafted from the sender's account. There is usually a slight delay between transf... Read More »

How long does an Interac email money transfer take?

A few minutes after the sender initiates an Interac e-mail money transfer, the recipient receives an e-mail stating they have received funds. The recipient must go online and transfer the funds int... Read More »

I got an email about a dead Nigerian and he has alot of money. How can I get his money without being scammed?

Go for it... You only live once. Maybe this once it will be the real thing!

I have a list of email's that i put into excel, is there an easy way to transfer the list to email?

You did not state which version of MS-Excel you are using (nor email client), so I will assume it to be 2003 or earlier (though the same basic information is valid for 2007).Have you tried just sel... Read More »