How to Email Files?

Answer Here are simple, easy to understand, step-by-step directions on using email to send files to other people.

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Is there any way I can make my computer email my files to my email address automatically?

Not that I am aware of.Any app you did try to use would have a problem if you were using one of the files in the folder at the time because it would be locked and not able to be copied.Also, depend... Read More »

How to Send ZIP Files Through Email?

Zip files are compressed, archived files. They can contain a single file or multiple files. A zip utility can make a very large file small enough to send through email. It can also be used to send ... Read More »

How to Open WPS Files from an Email?

The ".wps" file extension indicates that a document is a Microsoft Works file. Works is a basic word processing program that is able to perform many types of functions, including resume and cover l... Read More »

How to Find Email Files?

Email inboxes can get cluttered quickly, and messages can get lost. Emails with attachments of particular importance--such as documents that need to be signed or looked over--can be frustrating to ... Read More »