How to Email Congress?

Answer If you would like to contact a Senator or Representative in the United States Congress because you are concerned about upcoming legislation or would like to voice an opinion about an issue or a mem... Read More »

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How do i get my email program to appear on my new scanner/copiers list of available email programs?

Of course we can all read your mind and see which specific email program it is you're talking about.

What Is the Difference Between a Free Email & Email Account You Get From Your ISP?

People around the world use email to stay in touch with friends, do business and more. Users must decide whether to use email from their Internet service provider or go with another option, such as... Read More »

How do you setup Verizon email so if you delete an email from the iPhone it deletes it on my desktop?

Hold the home (circular button) and the on/off/sleep button (button on top) for about 1-2 seconds and then you will see the screen flash. Check your photos, and the screenshot should be there.

How can I print something from email without all the background..Just the email?

There should be a "printable version" option at the top of the screen on most. Hit that, and it will eliminate the stuff you don't want.