How to Eliminate a Muffler From a Motorcyle?

Answer When you want your dirt bike or motorcycle to have that extra growl, you will need to remove the muffler. The muffler forces hot exhaust gas to go through small buffering holes before it is release... Read More »

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How Can I Modify My ATV Muffler to a Performance Muffler?

Many ATVs come with sensible, noise reduction mufflers installed. However, if you are a performance enthusiast, you know that noise reduction and gas efficiency do not always coincide with performa... Read More »

How to Park a Motorcyle?

One of the most disappointing situations a motorcyclist can find themselves in is to come out of a building and see their motorcycle tipped over and lying on the ground, or worse, gone. The driver... Read More »

What kind of motorcyle do you have and how much did it cost?

I have one of those cool motorcyles from the move grease 2 it kind of looks like it from that movie anyway it cost alot of money it cost about $50,000 it was alot i got it for my birthday

Honda motorcyle or harley?

Honestly. It depends upon what you want it for. I have been riding for 42 years and in that time have had several of both. Honda is very very reliable. Harley's, if you don't screw with them or... Read More »