How to Eliminate Your Television Using Your Computer?

Answer As Internet speeds allow for faster downloads and interruption-free streaming, people are watching their favorite programs on their computers, laptops and smartphones. Whether it's because of the p... Read More »

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If you had to give up your television or your computer/internet,which would you choose?

Definitely TV, I find I'm watching less and less of it these days.From next week i'm gonna be spending half my week living on a narrowboat , due to it's location the TV signal is pants, I could get... Read More »

Can you get Internet on your PSP by using your modem for your home computer?

The PSP is a wireless device and cannot connect directly to the Internet with a dial-up modem. A wireless access point with a DB-9 COM port that is connected to the Internet via a dial-up modem can... Read More »

Can you connect your computer to the television?

Most computers and modern televisions, particularly those with HD capability, can be easily connected by DE-15 or HD-15 VGA cables. The connectors for these cables are shaped like trapezoids, with ... Read More »

Does more RAM make your computer faster, even if you are not using all of your current RAM?

this is a common misconception,processors make your computer go faster,the ram(memory makes it run smoother with more ram the computer will run faster but not "go faster "in raw power ... Read More »