How to Eliminate Your Name From Appearing on History of Facebook Sign in?

Answer By default, your Internet browser stores basic information about the websites you visit. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome can record your login information to streamline return visits to frequ... Read More »

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How to Stop My Name From Appearing on Facebook Chat?

When using Facebook, the default settings will show your name in your friends' lists of online friends who are available to chat. If you would rather your friends not see your name on those lists, ... Read More »

How do you stop your full name from appearing in google searches?

This site will have information for this: you reach site, click on 'Tips' Radio ButtonIn Search Box, enter your question, then return.You can also search her message boar... Read More »

Where would I find the Cartoon appearing in the 1990's..Bert and Ernie How do you get your stock broker to take care of you Name him in your will.?

Pucca is a famous flash animated cartoon character. In america, you can watch her on Jetix. (channel 292 on directv) She constantly chases after the boy she loves, Garu. The show usually ends with ... Read More »

On msn when you change your name and next time you sign in it is your old name not your new name?