How to Eliminate Urine Smell?

Answer It happened again! Your pet peed on the rug, wood floor, of wall and now it stinks! How do you get rid of the smell? These easy tips can help you to eliminate the odor in no time!

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How to Eliminate Dog Urine Smell?

Dogs bring many things to a household: love, companionship, loyalty, and fun. They may also bring stains and smells. Dog urine smell can linger on your soft furnishings, your outdoor patio, and eve... Read More »

What can eliminate a strong urine smell?

Before determining how to get rid of a strong urine odor, it is important to discover what is causing the smell. By treating the condition, the urine should return to its normal odor.DehydrationDeh... Read More »

What Can Eliminate a Strong Urine Smell From Public Restrooms?

Nearly everyone has had to use a public restroom at one time or other. And, often we leave those restrooms holding our nose because of the strong smells often included in the experience. Public res... Read More »

How to Eliminate Dog Urine?

No matter how well-trained your dog is, sometimes accidents happen. If your dog has had an accident on the furniture or carpet the result will be urine stains and odor. Clean the area as thoroughly... Read More »