How to Eliminate Sunscreen and Not Burn?

Answer Golden Glow Without SunscreenThe sun is not your enemy! You may safely expose your skin to sunshine provided that you take the time to condition your skin through moderate exposure. Follow the step... Read More »

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What is different between regular sunscreen and sport sunscreen?

Some of the ingredients for sure, so you're reacting allergic to it. It might be that there is some stuff inside to prevent sweating so much when making sports and this causes your reaction.Why not... Read More »

Do your eyes ever BURN BURN BURN?

It sounds like a demon escaped from your eye and now you are pure again! You should keep your eyes closed so that he doesn't get back in there.

How to Buy Sunscreen?

By now, most of us know that the sun can be harmful. The best protection is to shield yourself with clothing, a hat and glasses whenever possible. Since this isn't always practical, you need to hav... Read More »

Who doesn't use sunscreen?

i use it, BUT sparingly. i use it the first few days of summer and then once my skin is able to tan on it's own then i stop using it.i believe it does cause cancer because in places where it's sunn... Read More »