How to Eliminate Sewer Breath?

Answer We have all experienced, at one point or another, the discomfort of talking one on one with a person who has an awful case of bad breath. If you fear that you perhaps are such a person, you do not ... Read More »

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How to Eliminate Bad Breath?

Nothing zaps the romance from a smooch quicker than bad breath. Here are some tips for keeping your breath nice and fresh. Does this Spark an idea?

How do I Eliminate Infant Bad Breath?

Although it is uncommon, it is possible for infants to have bad breath. Just like in adults, bacteria can build up in the mouths of infants and cause a foul odor. A few changes to your daily routin... Read More »

True or false - Being a vegetarian or vegan helps eliminate bad breath?

No, a vegan diet does not eliminate bad breath but it certainly helps with the odor. What causes bad breath is the bacteria eating the sugar in your mouth and the sulfur being produced. By eating l... Read More »

What is the plumbing drop to main sewer line if you are installing a toilet 40 feet from the exisiting sewer line?