How to Eliminate Header Text in WordPress?

Answer WordPress is a popular blogging platform. The software's simple setup and customization options make it an attractive site for novice and professional bloggers alike. With templates, you can custom... Read More »

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How to Put Keywords in the Header Tags on WordPress?

Keywords, or meta tags, give a search engine an idea of what your website is about. Adding keywords to your website helps a search engine to retrieve it when a user searches using keywords you add ... Read More »

How to Increase the Header Height in WordPress?

Specifications for the visual elements of a WordPress blog are contained in various PHP and CSS files located in the "wp-content" directory of a WordPress server. By modifying the "header" and "hea... Read More »

How to Edit Header Height in WordPress?

WordPress calls its website templates "themes" to distinguish them from the individual templates used to control each page. You can download many themes for free, but typically you will not find on... Read More »

How to Rotate the Header Image in WordPress?

Your WordPress account comes with certain options enabled and allows you to customize the appearance of your blog without anything additional. If you want to rotate among a variety of pictures for ... Read More »