How to Eliminate Garden Moles?

Answer Moles be gone! This works for some people.

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How to Get Rid of Garden Moles?

If you have paid a lot of money to have the lawn in your garden laid, you will want to protect it from pests. It may take just a few months for the moles who to take up residence under it to destro... Read More »

Driving moles out of the garden?

I like the idea that the whirlygigs's thumping may be able to chase them away. I'm currently experimenting with using red hot pepper seeds around my plants & in their holes.Many articles say using ... Read More »

How do I remove moles in a garden?

Flood the Moles OutFind an active mole tunnel with fresh dirt around its opening. Place a garden hose in the hole, and turn on the water. Run the water until you see a mole surface or until the t... Read More »

Garden run over with moles!?

Go to your local carnival and find the best Whack-a-Mole player. Give her/him a hammer and let her/him go to town.