How to Eliminate Engine Valve Noise?

Answer Most everyone who has owned a car has heard a clickety-clack coming from under the hood. The most common of such sounds emanates from the valve train of the engine. Some engines have rods pushing u... Read More »

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Sticking Valve Noise in Engine?

An engine valve works in an intense environment, traveling up and down dozens of times per second in a gaseous atmosphere hot enough to auto-ignite pine wood. The valve slides up and down inside a ... Read More »

How to Eliminate Car Trunk Noise?

There can be a number of reasons for excessive noise in your car trunk while driving. Loose objects banging and shuffling around can be one of the biggest reasons, depending on how many objects are... Read More »

How to Eliminate Diode Noise?

Eliminating unwanted low-level electronic signals, or noise, from electronic components such as diodes involves the use of filters, temperature controls, the design of specialized noise control cir... Read More »

How to Eliminate Road Noise?

Listening to the sounds along the road can be pretty boring, causing fatigue. There are many things that can take your mind off the road noise or eliminate the sounds altogether. Listening to your ... Read More »