How to Electroplate Metallic Items?

Answer This page gives you a deeply detailed view on the chemistry behind the process of electroplating metallic objects. You will also learn some basics on chemistry.

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Metallic Vs. Non-Metallic Brake Pads?

There are no federal regulations concerning after-market brake pads, so it is important for consumers to understand the choices available to them and how they affect brake performance.

How to Electroplate With Vinegar?

Electroplating is the chemical process of applying a thin coating of one metal to another by using an electric current. The coating can be purely decorative or it can help protect against corrosion... Read More »

How to Electroplate Household Metals?

Copperplate a household key, or a coin using just electricity, vinegar and salt.

What does it mean when a ring is set in 14 karat gold electroplate?

Electroplating is a process where a thin layer of gold is adhered to another object to give a gold finish, in this case, 14 karat gold. According to, a thin gold finish on a ring can ... Read More »