How to Eject a Tape from a VCR?

Answer You want to get that tape out of your VCR? Here is how to do it.

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My Mitsubishi VCR Won't Eject a Tape?

One of the most common problems you can experience with a Mitsubishi VCR is having a tape get stuck. If this happens, it may be hard to find a service center that can help, so knowing how to fix it... Read More »

How do I eject a DVD from a MacBook?

Drag and DropClick and hold on the DVD's icon on the desktop. Drag the DVD to the "Trash" icon and the Trash will change to an eject icon. Drop the folder onto the eject icon and the DVD will be ej... Read More »

How Do You Eject Your iPod From a Mac?

The iPod is a portable electronic device that plays digital media files. It is made by Apple, and works best in conjunction with Apple's iTunes software. In order to load music or other media onto ... Read More »

How to eject USB from SONY Bravia 40ex650 tv?

hey you just have to stop the wifi and then remove this USB. For exact step by step process call sony and ask for help.