How to Efficiently Select All the Text in a PDF Document?

Answer Adobe Acrobat 6 enables you to easily select all the text in a document without having to drag the mouse across the entire document.

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I've scanned a document with Adobe & I want to change the text in the document. How can I do that?

You will need an OCR software to do it. Usually with printer softwares you get an OCR software free. Or try to download it from any printer sites like HP or Lexmark...All the best...

How to Convert a PDF Document Into an Editable Text Document?

The ease of converting a file from Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) to an editable text file (TXT) depends on the nature of the document and your rights to it. If the document is all text and... Read More »

How to Select Text With Gimp?

Have you ever wanted to select text with GIMP so you can make gradient text or add patterns?

Why can I select text in some of my own scanned pdf documents, but not others?

I suppose that is because of the OCR function. OCR is used to recognize the text in a image. Your PC must have a program that equipped with OCR and that is why you were able to select text on the d... Read More »