How to Effectively Take out Vehicles in Halo 3?

Answer Vehicles in Halo 3 can affect the outcome of a match either positively or negatively. Use this guide in your favor to effectively take them out, mostly on vehicle-heavy maps, such as Sand trap, Val... Read More »

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How to Use Man Cannons in Halo 3 Effectively?

Do you ever see a blue wave of awe coming out of a device on one of the maps in Halo 3? These are Man-Cannons (in this article they will be called MCs). They propel your Spartan/Elite over great di... Read More »

How to Use a Ghost Effectively in Halo 3?

There are many vehicles in Halo 3, but if you use it right, the Ghost is by far one of the most versatile. It has offensive and defensive capabilities as well as speed, making it a deadly adversary... Read More »

How to Use Power Drains Effectively in Halo 3?

Power drains are highly effective pieces of equipment in Halo 3, depleting enemy shields, disabling vehicles and even killing on certain occasions. They're found on most multiplayer maps and throug... Read More »

How to Use Trip Mines Effectively in Halo 3?

Trip mines in Halo 3 are deadly, but also very hard to use effectively. Improper use can result in the death of you and your team mates, but used wisely, they can destroy vehicles, guard corridors,... Read More »