How to Edit out Electrical Wires from Pictures?

Answer The following information will be based on using the Photoshop program. If your using another photo editing program that doesn't have a clone tool in it this may not work for you.

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How to Tie Electrical Wires?

Electrical wires, whether 110 volts or 12 volts, benefit from bundling. Keeping wires neatly organized allows easier referencing of the wires, keeps them out of the way and reduces accidental dama... Read More »

How many wires can you put in an electrical conduit?

The amount of wires that can safety fit in an electrical conduit system is determined by the amount of conductors that are present in said wires. The National Electrical Code does not specify a num... Read More »

Electrical Capacity of Wires?

A wire's electrical capacity is measured by how much current it is capable of carrying without overheating and is a function of diameter, or gauge. The larger the gauge, the more current a wire can... Read More »

The Right Way to Splice Automotive Electrical Wires?

Splicing automotive electrical wire is a bit more involved that just twisting two wires together. In almost all instances, automotive electrical wires are subject to conditions involving heat, cold... Read More »