How to Edit and Save a Brush in MyPaint?

Answer A 'painting' made with MyPaint brushesMyPaint is a lot of fun to play and draw with. It has a lot of brushes that you can work with. On top of that, you can take an existing brush, save it, and use... Read More »

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How do you save on the MyPaint program?

MyPaint can save/load images as PNG, JPG and ORA (OpenRaster, an evolving standard in the open source world).Save in ORA when you want to pause your work and continue in MyPaint later, it is the on... Read More »

How can you edit wikipedia and actually save it for everyone to see?

1. Go to the Wikipedia article you want to edit2. Press Alt+Shift+E or click the edit button to get the editing window3. Make some changes, click preview (alt+shift+p)4. Save (alt+shift+s)

How to edit and save in abode reader?

You need Adobe Professional. That way, you can edit, extract, re-save, etc..... I use v6.0. You can password protect any document. Some answers are incorrect on this post. The professional version ... Read More »

Can anyone edit a wikipedia page and save the changes?

Yes, as long as the page is not protected and you are not a banned user, or suspected of being a banned user.And no, the changes will not be "moderated." As soon as you click save, your changes go ... Read More »