How to Edit and Organize Photos in iPhoto?

Answer iPhoto is a very handy application, to get the most out of this app, read this article.

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How to Filter Photos Not in an Album in iPhoto?

iPhoto, available on Mac computers, is a photo management and organization application. The application also allows users to quickly edit photos, as well as share them through email or post them on... Read More »

How do I Make Email Photos Larger in iPhoto?

Apple's iPhoto photo management program automatically adjusts photos to a smaller size when you use the "Email" feature. The smaller size allows for faster downloading of attachments. It also hel... Read More »

How do you add photos from iPhoto to your iPhone 4S?

Those are the number of notifications for that particular App. For instance a 5 on Mail would indicate 5 new emails.

How to Get iPhoto Photos That Have Been Moved to an External Hard Drive Into an iMovie Project?

External hard drives are devices that let you back up and store data from your computer. It is easy to retrieve and use data stored on external hard drives. If you are working on an iMovie project ... Read More »