How to Edit Star Wars Action Figures?

Answer Want to make an ARC Clone Commando Stormtrooper Sith?This is how to make easy customised star Wars Action Figures. Also You can Make mace Windu look like a bird and change Greivous's head colour wi... Read More »

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How to Customize Star Wars Action Figures?

Kenner toys created a phenomenon with its 3-3/4 inch Star Wars action figures in 1977. In the intervening years, hundreds of different Star Wars figures have emerged, covering just about every char... Read More »

How much are my Star Wars figures worth?

The price for Star Wars action figures depends on when they were made and the rarity. Kenner's first-run figures (1977 to 1985) are generally the most valuable. A first-run Darth Vader with a teles... Read More »

When is the Star Wars Live Action TV series supposed to air and which channel?

It's suppose to come out in 2010, but with George Lucas that could change. No channels have been set in stone yet...but my guess would be one of the major networks.

What is the name of the live action star wars spoof from the 80's where r2d2 was a vacuum cleaner c3po was the scarecrow from the wizard of oz and their spaceship was a giant toaster?