How to Edit Sentences With Unclear Proofreading Marks?

Answer Many teachers use a set of specific markings to tell students what they need to fix when they write a second draft of their papers. However, sometimes teachers are working so quickly that their mar... Read More »

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List of Proofreading Marks?

Proofreading marks are not just for editors. Students, teachers and peer reviewers find these marks easier than writing out every change on the paper. Hundreds of combinations of the proofreading m... Read More »

A List of Proofreading Marks for Kids?

The ability for a child to edit his own writing is yet another step toward accurate self-expression. Editing a classmate's writing teaches him patience, critical and detail-oriented thinking and re... Read More »

How to Teach Proofreading Marks in Middle School?

Middle school students are expected to use a writing process that includes both writing and editing. The complete writing process includes pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. E... Read More »

How to Make Red Edit Marks in a Word Document?

Editing a document provides an additional layer of security, reviewing the material for anything from an out-of-place period to a major structural or legal error. While the standard editing stereot... Read More »