How to Edit Messaging Settings on a Cell Phone?

Answer First used in 1992, SMS messaging --- commonly known as "texting" --- continues to be among the most-popular practices of mobile phone subscribers. SMS stands for "short message service" and refers... Read More »

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It all depends on what service provider you have. I have tMobile. If you do just go to and type your username and password in and it should tell you one there somewhere. Goog... Read More »

Cell phone and Text messaging?

well sometimes phone will just do that my phone has been doing that too so Much i guess that u can call ur service provider and see maybe there having trouble wit the network or something xD

Text messaging on cell phone?

No, it wouldn't be taken out of your normal minutes. Text messaging and minutes are two separate features. And yes, both sent and received messages count towards your total messages. The only aroun... Read More »

Text messaging cell phone?

All phones have txt messaging available now so far as I know... What exactly is your question?