How to Edit JavaScript to Allow Copy and Paste on the Web?

Answer You may have encountered a website where right-clicking does not show the context menu where you would normally find the "Copy" command for images or highlighted text. On some websites, clicking a... Read More »

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I cannot edit a scanned word or excel document, I can only cut, copy, paste. Is there a way to edit scan docs?

When a document is scanned into a computer, it does not come in as "text" (meaning words and numbers). It is scanned in as a picture. So there is no way to edit a normally scanned document.But ch... Read More »

Is there a site where you can copy and paste fonts like write in what you want and then copy it? can't just copy and paste it though. You either need to save it as a picture or download the font. Assuming you have Windows, you would download ... Read More »

How Do I "Paste the given JavaScript Code in Location"?

At the bottom of the page, there's a link to "Download Javascript here", which, presumably, would be some file that contains the Javascript code you were to paste into the bookmark location. Upon c... Read More »

Can someone Please tell me how to copy + Paste !?

COPY AND PASTE USING THE MOUSEPut the mouse at the beginning of what you want to copy and click the left mouse button, holding it down while you drag over the section.Drag across or down. At the en... Read More »