How to Edit Droid Contacts?

Answer The Motorola Droid was a highly successful Android device that released in 2009. The device got so popular that many people begin to associated it with all things Android instead of the G1, which w... Read More »

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How to Edit Pictures on My Droid Eris?

Although a Droid Eris does not let you edit a photo to the same extent as photo editing software such as Photoshop or iPhoto, it does allow you to zoom photos in or out, as well as rotate and crop ... Read More »

How to Transfer Contacts From a Computer to a Droid?

The Motorola Droid and other smartphones running Google Android use remote Google servers for things such as email, calendars and contacts. While there's no syncing application for Android like iTu... Read More »

How to Change the Order of Contacts in the Droid?

The Droid phone is a multitasking smart phone that can browse the Internet, play songs, take pictures, play video and process a variety of different applications. The Droid gives you a plethora of ... Read More »

How do you transfer your contacts from htc imagio to htc droid incredible 2?

This title is not Adroid change to Android. Well, you go to a Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, or At&T store and just look around for a good android phone, then BUY IT. Or you can buy it offline on any ... Read More »