How to Eavesdrop on Somebody's Phone Conversation?

Answer If you've ever wanted to know what your sibling or parent is talking about, this article provides some ideas for listening in without being noticed.

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Is there a way to text somebodys phone using the internet or with windows live messenger?

How do I end a phone conversation?

Finding a way to gracefully end a phone conversation can save a lot of valuable time, and it's a skill best learned early and used consistently. The good news: Signing off over the telephone doesn'... Read More »

Can you tape a phone conversation?

Whether you can tape a phone conversation depends on where you live, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Federal law requires only one party--you-- to agree to a taping, but 12 states re... Read More »

How to Record a Phone Conversation?

Recording a phone conversation ensures that a legally acceptable record of a verbal transaction is available should the need arise to settle any disputes. Recording a telephone conversation can be ... Read More »