How to Eat a Raw Chestnut?

Answer Raw chestnuts are a nutritious, tasty snack, but the skins should be removed before you eat them. Here are some methods to eat the raw chestnut without the unappetizing skins.

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How do I tell chestnut trees from Chinese chestnut trees?

Tree HeightThe American Chestnut tree, or Castanea dentata, typically grows as a shrubby plant between 3 to 15 feet. If grown underneath a canopy of taller trees, it grows no more than 60 feet in ... Read More »

What is a horse chestnut?

A horse chestnut is a large deciduous tree. The fruit that grows on the tree is also known as a horse chestnut. The tree is grown largely for ornamental purposes, although there are uses for the fr... Read More »

Chestnut Hairstyles?

Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes and Leah Michele are just a few of the well-known actresses with chestnut brown hair. This color of hair is a medium-light toned hair easily complimented by caramel or... Read More »

How do I grow Chestnut trees?

Choose and Prepare the SiteSelect a location for planting your chestnut tree. Avoid planting in valleys or in clay-heavy soil. Select a spot that gets full morning sun and has adequate drainage. Ch... Read More »