How to Eat a Kiwi?

Answer Kiwi's are extremely good tasting and good for your health!Here are a couple ways of how to eat it...

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How to Cut a Kiwi?

The kiwifruit, also known as a Chinese gooseberry, looks unappealing at first glance. Its furry exterior holds a delicious treasure inside though, a pretty green (or golden) flesh flecked with blac... Read More »

What is the PH of a kiwi fruit?

Where did the kiwi fruit come from?

Kiwi fruit originally came from Shaanxi, China where it is known as yáng táoAfter being introduced to New Zealand were renamed as Chinese Gooseberries because people thought they tasted like goos... Read More »

Should you peel a kiwi before you eat it?

The skin on a kiwi is perfectly safe to eat. The skin is very thin and there is no reason not to eat it after the kiwi has been washed, unless you do not like its taste or its fuzzy feel.Source:Foo... Read More »