How to Eat a Grapefruit Without the Use of a Knife?

Answer Ever wonder how to get the most out of your grapefruit? With a little more effort these steps will result in a much sweeter snack than other methods.

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How to Use a Grapefruit Knife?

A grapefruit knife is a handy kitchen gadget. It has a long, serrated blade with a curved end. It's designed to separate the outer rind from the inner fleshy sections of fruit. It's also used to se... Read More »

What knife is for meat on the Cuisinart electric knife?

The Cuisinart Electric Knife comes with two knife blades: one for carving and one for slicing bread. Select the carving blade when cutting meat. This blade slices meats, vegetables, fruits and hard... Read More »

How is the sog seal knife different from the sog tech bowie knife?

They are made of the same steel and have similar sheaths. The are roughly the same thickness but have slightly different blade shapes. The seal knife has a length of serrations and the tech bowie i... Read More »

Is an offset deli knife also a bread knife?

You can use an offset deli knife as a bread knife. The offset knives are designed to cut through sandwiches, including the bread. The blade is set lower than the handle, so you can slice through th... Read More »