How to Eat Toxic Waste Candy?

Answer Did your friend buy a pack of Toxic Waste, and wants you to eat one? This article will teach you how to survive the sour ordeal of eating Toxic Waste.

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Toxic Waste Act?

The Toxic Waste Act, or Superfund, is a federal law of the United States created to clean deserted hazardous waste sites. This program was included in the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Comp... Read More »

How Is Toxic Waste Disposed Of?

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Is termite waste toxic?

White ants, which are commonly known as termites, have a digestion system that is said to be comparable to, and yet more efficient than, that of a cow. Termites eat cellulose, the most abundant mo... Read More »

Toxic Waste Dumping in Water?

Toxic waste dumping in water is something most people associate with days gone by--the pre-Clean Water Act, Superfund cleanup sites and Love Canal-type abuses. Unfortunately, almost 40 years later ... Read More »