How to Eat Something You Dislike?

Answer All of us dislike certain foods. Unfortunately, we might be forced to eat them by parents, or be pushed to eat them by friends. Whether you're at someone's house, at a restaurant, or at your home, ... Read More »

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Star this question if you dislike Ke$ha and tell me why you dislike her?

She is talentless, all her songs are auto-tuned and edited yet her voice still proceeds to be ANNOYING. She's nasty on how she talks about others, and very self-centered. She sings about pointless ... Read More »

Why is it wrong to dislike Japan yet OK to dislike other countries?

Probably a generation thing. My grandfather never had one good thing to say about the Japanese, this was solely because of their treatment of POW's. Beheadings and worse. He was probably cheerin... Read More »

How to Eat at a Restaurant You Dislike?

For whatever reason, you're going out to eat at a restaurant you don't like. Maybe it's because everyone else in your group loves the place, or you're a vegan and there are no vegan menu options. T... Read More »

How to Endure a Teacher's Dislike?

Does your teacher hate you? Does she give you the evil eye every time you make eye contact? Don't worry, your not the only one. Here is how to survive a teacher's hatred.