How to Eat Like a Normal Chinese Person?

Answer Chinese and many oriental people inckude rice in their meals. For breakfast, its hardboiled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes, congee, soymilk, salty veggies, nd some baozi and thts oretty.much their bas... Read More »

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Can some one please tell me how the server look like and how a normal person can operate a small lunix server?

A server looks like any other computer. Some server class machines are rack mounted, but any computer can be a server, even a laptop. Software is what makes a server, not hardware. As for how ha... Read More »

Do you like/love Chinese food What's ur favourite Chinese dish ?

I am not a big fan of chinese food. I like noodles and Manchurian only.

Do you like Chinese food I used to buy my Chinese food from this place in manhattan.?

To many people never come in to claim their orders and that's one way to eliminate wasted food. It's not odd but good sense. Not really just some odd people working at my favorite restaurant.

I have Peria 10 and it won't change from chinese keyboard to the normal . Can you help me to fix that ?

- go to the (any) text entry field ad do a long press onto the text field- you'll get a pop-up menu, select 'text entry method' (or something like that - mine is set for German)- from that pop-up m... Read More »