How to Eat Like a Normal Chinese Person?

Answer Chinese and many oriental people inckude rice in their meals. For breakfast, its hardboiled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes, congee, soymilk, salty veggies, nd some baozi and thts oretty.much their bas... Read More »

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I have Peria 10 and it won't change from chinese keyboard to the normal . Can you help me to fix that ?

- go to the (any) text entry field ad do a long press onto the text field- you'll get a pop-up menu, select 'text entry method' (or something like that - mine is set for German)- from that pop-up m... Read More »

Has a veggie have a higher I.Q. than a normal person?

I did see a news story recently that suggested that they do!!I think it is probably right because fundamentally, people who become vegetarian will have given a lot of thought to their decision, whi... Read More »

How many hours should a normal person sleep?

It depends on age but in general you should try to get between 7 and 8 full hours of sleep a night. Teenagers and older adults need more.

If a normal person took 50 units of insulin would it kill them?

normal? why does diabetes make someone un-normal? what is normal? does normal even exist?! Please don't ever use that horrid word again. bye