How to Eat From Old Aluminum Cookware?

Answer Whether it's a pot your grandmother passed down to you, a pan you found for a steal at a flea market or just your everyday kitchen set you've had forever, you may find yourself in possession of old... Read More »

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What Is Cast Aluminum Cookware?

More than half of all cookware is made of aluminum, but the material is coated in a surface that alters and hardens the surface of the aluminum. In spite of concerns about the ingestion of aluminum... Read More »

Where can I buy club aluminum cookware?

As any chef will tell you, using quality cookware is no different than using a quality set of tools in any other profession. Club aluminum cookware is one such set of tools and is a legacy brand p... Read More »

How do I clean Club Aluminum cookware?

PrewashPrewash Club Aluminum cookware with warm, soapy water to remove any loose dirt and debris. Use a steel wool pad to gently scrub away grime. Rinse the cookware with clear water and towel dry.... Read More »

Is Emeril aluminum cookware safe?

On One Hand: Aluminum BenefitsAluminum is commonly used for cookware because of the way it absorbs and evenly diffuses heat. Emeril cookware sets include hard anodized aluminum and aluminum include... Read More »