How to Eat Formally?

Answer Haven't you seen the really graceful eaters? Where food is never hanging off there lips or look silly eating. Follow these steps to become a better and more formal diner, for an event, just because... Read More »

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When was the 21-gun salute formally adopted?

The U.S. Army website's history information reports the 21-gun salute was used as a greeting between naval ships during the 18th and 19th centuries, with the United States adopting the salute in Au... Read More »

How to Formally Sit in Shamatha Meditation?

A shamatha meditation practice is one that specifically aims to strengthen the mind's stability and to counterbalance the symptoms of an agitated or depressed mind. There are two aspects to shamath... Read More »

How to Dress Formally Without Feeling Uncomfortable?

Formal clothes are infamous for being uncomfortable, but they do not need to be. Feel and look your best by choosing simple pieces that flatter your figure without squeezing you too tight. Stick wi... Read More »

Is it awkward to dress formally to a chinatown restaurant?

If everyone in your party dresses up to the same extent, no one in the restaurant will bat an eye. If your group is much better dressed than the rest of the patrons, they'll just assume you're goi... Read More »