How to Eat Food to Promote Hair Growth?

Answer When you are attempting to grow out your hair, you should do more beyond conditioning it and buying hair-growth products to protect it from breakage. What you put inside your body also has an effec... Read More »

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How do you eat food to promote hair growth?

Many women want so desperately to grow long healthy hair that they turn to vitamins. Most health-food and vitamin shops have even come out with their own lines of hair, skin and nails vitamins that... Read More »

How to Promote Hair Growth?

If longer, thicker hair is your desire, there are a few simple things you can do to keep the hair that you have healthy. While genetics plays a large role in the type of hair you have, changes in d... Read More »

How to Clean Hair Follicles on the Scalp to Promote Hair Growth?

Hair is a natural byproduct of growth, and if you maintain your health and exercise with some regularity, your hair should grow in all by itself. However, bacterial growth and a buildup of oils can... Read More »

Does Sulfur 8 Promote Hair Growth?

Over the years, many African-American's have experienced great hair growth by using the product Sulfur 8. There are claims that with daily usage Sulfur 8 helps hair grow. The product contains petro... Read More »